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Red Ring Redemption

July 13, 2010


Exactly one week ago I was getting very close to the end of Red Dead Redemption, passing the time until my next mission was available by going after a bounty in Tall Trees, when suddenly the screen filled with strange white lines and everything froze. I screamed, mashing every possible button on the controller. Nothing happened. I got up, hit the power button on the 360, waited a few moments, then hit the power button again.

And there they were, those three red lights that I had heard so much about, but hoped to never see.

I screamed again, and flapped my arms about. Apparently the look on my face was hilarious, though at the time I certainly wouldn’t have thought it too funny. I hit the power button again, then waited a couple beats and hit it one more time. The console booted into the menu, and everything seemed fine. I shut it off and left it alone for a couple hours.

After calming down a bit (and researching how to go about sending it in for repairs if/when the RRoD came back), I sat down and played some Puzzle Quest for a while. Everything was going fine (except that I still can’t defeat that stupid two-headed troll). I threw in Gears of War 2, hoping to take advantage of the tail end of the 6-times-XP weekend, and a few moments later was greeted with those freaky white lines, a frozen screen, and then the 3 red LEDs.

I suppose this is the badge of a real gamer. I have now joined the growing hordes who have been forced to dust off the Wii, pausing every now and then to refresh the UPS webpage to see where their poor Xbox friend is now.

Mine’s in Texas. It seems it was enjoying Red Dead Redemption so much, it needed to check out the real Wild West to see what it’s really all about.


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